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ImageBolero’s Vacuum Forming fabrication expertise lends itself to the design process. With an eye on fabrication, Bolero engineers carefully evaluate customer designs and suggest improvements that ease fabrication, improve structural integrity of your vacuum formed products, and help manage costs.

Just submit your 3D files (Autocad, SolidWorks, etc) to start the review process today!



The heart of the vacuum forming process is tooling. Bolero makes its own tooling which means they keep control the entire fabrication process. Tooling is owned by the Customer and properly stored at Bolero for convenience.

Bolero’s in-house tooling capability
  • Cuts out the lead time of 3rd party tooling
  • Eliminates revision issues
  • Reduces costs
  • Streamlines communication issues
  • Guarantees the flexibility to accommodateand adapt to design changes.

Prototypes and 1st Articles

Most Vacuum Formers rely on wood or cast tools for prototypes and 1st articles: Bolero exclusively uses aluminum tooling that has been machined for accuracy and long life.

And while others subsequently charge for the additional production tooling, Bolero’s practice ensures precise form, fit, and function of 1st articles. At the same time, Bolero reduces your overall cost jump starts production with a faster lead time.



The manufacturing process begins after the design review has been communicated and signed-off by the customer, and all specs for EMI, painting, hardware, etc, have been submitted.

The entire process follows these basic steps:
1. Design review
2. Tooling (100% made in-house)
3. Vacuum or Pressure Forming
4. Hand Finishing



Bolero’s fully automated CNC fabrication delivers precision vacuum formed parts. Bolero also offers hand-finishing and manual equipment for specialized processing.
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