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Lead Times

ImageBolero offers competitive lead times of 3~6 weeks for tooling and 1st articles (depending upon complexity), and 1~6 weeks for production. In order to improve lead times, Bolero will produce 1st articles that are form, fit, and functional but are delivered without the cosmetic finishing.

Why Vacuum Forming?

Speaking strictly of small to medium sized pieces, Vacuum Forming molds and tooling are a fraction of the cost of injection molded tooling (typically about 1/4th the cost). Amortizing these lower tooling costs over lower-volume runs results in a significantly lower overall unit price.

When it comes to manufacturing large or very large plastic pieces, Vacuum Forming offers superior economic benefits over injection molding: As injection-molded items increase in size they become exponentially more difficult and in some cases, impossible to produce.


Markets Served


Bolero Plastics specializes in medium to very large Vacuum Formed plastics. Finished products include EMI shielding, Bonding, Machining, Complex Routing, finished painting, coating, and silk-screening.

Bolero has proudly served the Medical, Telecom, Instrumentation, Commercial Entertainment, Automotive, and a host of other industries for over 40 years.

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